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Re: libgcc

This is my conclusion about libgcc and softfloat so far:

a) Static vs. shared

* Static
  * libgcc is usually statically linked.
* Shared
  * libgcc_s is only for C++ exceptions.
  * libgcc_s is linked by g++.
* No major problem seen in practice for now (there might be corner cases).
* No need to change this linkage condition / configuration.
* --eh-frame-hdr might be worth looking.

b) libgcc compatible functions in libc

* libc has libgcc compatible functions.
* Mainly softfloat and quad handling, but some others (e.g. sparc64's _Qp_*()
  functions which libgcc doesn't have).
* Those compatible/conflicting functions were added for historical reasons.
  (libgcc was immature.)
* Very few people are interested in looking at this. ;)

c) Migration

* Why
  * Build all libgcc functions rather than hardcode the list.
  * Mainly for MIPS64 softfloat.
* How
  * Static libraries
    * Move conflicting functions from libc to libgcc all together.
    * Users should update them in sync.
    * Otherwise you'll see conflicting symbol errors.
  * Shared libraries
    * Do these all together:
      * Make conflicting functions as weak symbols, because these are only for
        backward compatibility.
      * Build complete set of functions in libgcc.

d) Architecture specifics

* arm
  * Use gcc -msoft-float by default.
  * Old dynamically linked binaries will use functions in libc.
  * New ones will use libgcc.a.
* sh3
  * Use gcc -msoft-float by default.
  * Meant to not build softfloat functions in libgcc, but some were mistakenly
  * Pretty much same situation as ARM.  Use libgcc functions from now.
* powerpc, m68k, sparc64
  * Conditionally build libc softfloat (MKSOFTFLOAT).
  * Should just work same as ARM's situation.
* mips, mips64
  * Haven't had MKSOFTFLOAT.
  * With new libgcc -msoft-float should just work nicely.


In short: I'll leave migrating functions in libc as weak symbols.


Masao Uebayashi / Tombi Inc. / Tel: +81-90-9141-4635

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