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RE: libgcc

>    On Dec 7, 2009, at 6:45 PM, matthew green wrote:
>    > i don't know what the ramafications of that are though.
>    It seems like all shared libraries need to have a dependency against
> the shared libgcc.  Isn't it required for e.g. exceptions, too?
> it is required for c++, but not anything more afaik.
> the shared libgcc is only linked in by the c++ driver, not the
> gcc driver.  i don't know what it means to have it linked into
> normal C apps as well.

Libc on Linux does not have a dependency on; I'm not sure why
NetBSD should need one.

Note that by linking in libgcc_pic.a with each shared library there really
shouldn't be a need to change the shared library dependencies in most cases. exists because there really does have to be exactly one instance
of the exception unwind support code in an application.


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