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re: libgcc

   I've converted all archs' reach-overs & successfully built them.  Next I need
   to resolv the conflicts between libc's functions and libgcc's ones.  In the
   long run, it'd be better to remove libc's functions, but I'll exclude the
   conflicting functions from libgcc.  This is less intrusive.  I'll consider
   how to migrate later.

it is not ever going to be safe to remove these entirely from libc.
consider the following case:

        - build a binary on netbsd-5 that depends upon these symbols

        - run this binary on a netbsd-6 system that only has these
        symbols in libgcc, and they won't be resolved.

i'd guess that you need to leave them in as a weak symbol
for all eternity, or at least until we bump


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