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Re: Bug in pax affecting syspkgs

On 13/05/2009, at 6:05 PM, Alan Barrett wrote:
This problem was fixed in -current several weeks ago.  Please do not
base your work on netbsd-5 or any other release; base it on -current.

Too late. I already promised to use as stable a release as possible in my proposal.

I've spent quite a few years chasing -current (I used to get cvsup updates by email) and what I learned from it is that i just isn't worth it (for me anyway). Too much "why is today's build broken", and not enough getting on with things. I'm aware that -current always has fixes for busted stuff in the stable releases, and so I made a personal decision that I would be happy to pull up fixes into my source tree. I've already found and applied your patches.

The first decision I made was keep all my work in a single subdirectory off distrib rather than trying to reuse other directories. I wanted a clear boundary between my work and the 5.0 source tree so that I could bundle up my work easier. This means it shouldn't be much trouble for me to find all the ad-hoc pull ups I might make.


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