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Re: fat binaries

On 11/03/2009, at 1:45 AM, Kurt J. Lidl wrote:

Another way to do something along these lines is have a "fat binary"
that is equivilent to "isaexec" on Solaris, and then one can just
exec the "right thing". isaexec/

Doing something like this doesn't avoid the fat binary support needed
to make the initial isaexec command run, but you could then support
about as many architectures as you wanted to out of the same set
of filesystems.

Not a bad idea. Symlinking all of userland to isaexec(1) isn't transparent and doesn't have the nice feature of cdf - that it can easily overlay an existing filesystem. I guess there must be an isaexec(2) which handles locating ld.elf_so and changes to ld.elf_so to locate the shared libraries.

It seems a little "clunky" and doesn't really relieve third-party developers supporting more NetBSD platforms.

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