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Re: final steps for reproduceable builds.

On Mar 9,  1:28pm, ("Perry E. Metzger") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: final steps for reproduceable builds.

| gld = gnu ld? It seems to work just fine.

Yes, but are you running a current toolchain? I just fixed that bug yesterday

| > Anyway, this build option should control all things that make builds
| > deterministic, not just "ar" related.
| Perhaps that can be a wider discussion. So far as I know, at this
| point the BUILDSEED functionality is the only other thing that such a
| flag would alter.

Yes, I still want to be able to build "the old way"...

| I'm also interested (apart from the discussion of such a flag) with
| whether my patches are otherwise okay.

Well, they kill the old functionality, so they should be re-written not
to do this.

- ARFLAGS should be updated to reflect reality.
- The D flag should be added to ARFLAGS if we are doing repeatable builds
  (the default)
- Ranlib -t should take a -D too, and become a noop in that case (as the code
  already does).


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