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Re: final steps for reproduceable builds. (Christos Zoulas) writes:
> | Comments on this? (For example, does anyone feel we need a switch to
> | turn "D" off and restore the ranlib -t on install?) Please let me know
> | soon -- I'll be committing in a few days.
> I think that there should be a build option to restore the previous behavior.
> After all, I am not even sure that gld is happy with the 0 timestamp in
> archives, since chris's patch did not disable the timestamp completely before
> my last commit.

gld = gnu ld? It seems to work just fine.

> Anyway, this build option should control all things that make builds
> deterministic, not just "ar" related.

Perhaps that can be a wider discussion. So far as I know, at this
point the BUILDSEED functionality is the only other thing that such a
flag would alter.

I'm also interested (apart from the discussion of such a flag) with
whether my patches are otherwise okay.

Perry E. Metzger      

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