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Re: [Fwd: Problem with Install Kernel for Kurobox Pro]

Ken Hornstein wrote:
So at a first glance I would say that the problem is with the process that
builds the ramdisk image, since from the errors you post it looks like
you have a corrupted ramdisk image.

It might be useful to go to src/distrib/evbarm/instkernel and run
nbmake-evbarm (from tools/bin) and watch very carefully the process
where the ramdisk is created; the key tool is makefs (nbmakefs in
tools/bin).  I would guess that there is a problem with this tool under
Cygwin.  You could set some bits in the debug mask and run it by hand
to perhaps glean some insight.  At the very worst, you might have to
hunker down with the makefs sources and figure out what's wrong, if
you really want to solve it.

You could always take the ramdisk.fs image from the Linux system
and use it on the Cygwin system; the only problem is that from what
I see the ramdisk filesystem is always rebuilt by default.  It looks
like there is some logic in the Makefile to prevent that, but I'm
not sure if it's disabled or simply not working; you might have to
do some hacking around to get it to always use your prebuilt ramdisk

Thanks for the reply. Your suggestions are good ones and I'll give them a shot. I guess I get to learn a lot more about building NetBSD than I originally anticipated. :-)

The fact that there is a problem like this surprises me a little, since Cygwin has been around a long time and is relatively mature. Of course, Cygwin has always had to deal with the Unix/Windows incompatibilities like upper-case/lower-case file names. I had (or still have) a fear that I did something like unintentionally edit a file with a Windows program that would put a <CR> into a file that is the cause a problem. But I haven't found anything like that yet. I did copy the src tree from Win to Linux to insure that the kernels were built from the same source - the only thing I found was a directory on the Win side that was upper-case letters (DB vs db).

A cursory byte-for-byte comparison of the two ramdisk.fs files shows that they are mostly the same, but not identical. It's difficult to draw many conclusions without detailed knowledge of the file structure, but there were two easily spotted differences. The first is a frequently occuring four byte sequence that is close but not exactly the same, which I'm guessing is a date code. The second is that the apparent meat of the memory disk starts 512 bytes sooner in the Cygwin version. If this rings a bell with anybody, please let me know.

Otherwise, I suppose I'll put away this tiny little shovel I have and go out and rent me a backhoe, because I have some serious digging to do.


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