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Re: xorg going into /usr/X11R7 - best way to handle mtree/NetBSD.dist

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 07:16:50AM +1000, matthew green wrote:
  | hi folks.
  | i'm going to make our native xorg build put stuff in /usr/X11R7.
  | does anyone have any ideas on how to do this without duplicating
  | all the mtree entries in NetBSD.dist, and the sets lists?

Not without a lot of reworking, which is not likely (nor desirable)
this close to branching 5.0.

I would just add the appropriate /usr/X11R7 directories to the
NetBSD.dist (a la /usr/X11R6), and if/when we implement a
mechanism to allow optional directory creation in that system,
we can switch to it then.

  | ideally a solution that allowed the X11 dirs not to be created
  | for MKX11=no dirs would be great, but, i'll take one that just
  | does one or the other...

I would:

 * Make MKX11!=no and MKXORG!=no mutually exclusive.
   This is a larger issue in the build system, and requires
   a bit of work to implement.
   (It would also prevent other problems seen by yourself and
   rtr@ during the testing of external/mit/xorg recently) 

 * Modify sets.subr to support "x11" and "xorg" tags

 * Reuse the lists/x* files; add "x11" tag to the existing paths,
   and "xorg" to new files installed by your new infrastructure.


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