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Re: ar "zero" flag

> As a short-term step, I don't object to the "zeroize" flag in  
> principle.  However, issues like this as well as issues with threads,  
> full-feature functionality, backwards-compatibility, etc. have led me  
> to conclude that it's time to deprecate static linking on our system[1].

I always thought the goals of NetBSD were portability and
backwards-compatibility. That's why I use it. However, what I see makes me
think these goals are being gradually replaced by something else. The actual
i386 processor is practically desupported in recent versions. Somebody else
proposed dropping support for building a.out and now you say it's time to
deprecate static linking. I've been using NetBSD since v1.3 and I'm getting
really worried. Having MKDYNAMICROOT set to YES by default is bad enough. I
don't care what's trendy today, I need an operating system which can be used
on almost any machine, and NetBSD has been such for a lot of time. I implore
you not to take hasty decisions. Please.

Best regards

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