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Help with src/distrib


I changed the x86 boot process so that it's possible to load the miniroot as
a module, meaning that (in theory) we don't need a seperate INSTALL kernel
any more. It goes something like this:

o Build GENERIC, ramdisk-big.fs, src/sys/modules/miniroot

o objcopy --add-section miniroot=ramdisk-big.fs \
        --set-section-flags miniroot=alloc,contents,load,data \

o Then in the boot loader: load /miniroot.kmod <cr> boot

The part I am stuck with is hooking it into the build, so that the module
gets built and put onto the root of the install CD-ROMs. The collection of
Makefiles under src/distrib is impenetrable to me.. Does anyone have
experience with this?


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