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Re: Building a soft-float target compiler

In article <>,
matthew green  <> wrote:
>   At $WORK we've been using the following patch to generate a compiler for
>   PowerPC 405 that builds soft-float by default.  This has been especially
>   useful so you don't need to edit makefiles with pkgsrc between a "make
>   configure" and a "make install" to manually add -msoft-float everywhere.
>   To enable this, use
>       ./ ... -V MKSOFTFLOAT_TARGET_TOOLCHAIN=yes ...
>   The MK option name is a bit unwieldy, but other than that, anyone see
>   any problems with adding this patch?  I couldn't see any other easy way
>   to get this functionality.
>this patch would be rejected upstream but there's no actual
>facility for this currently that i can see.
>i thought some combination of --with-cpu= or other hacks 
>would help but turns out they don't.  the only way i can
>see to turn off soft-float by default is to choose a
>cpu that does not include soft-float, and that is not
>what you are after.
>i'm not sure what the right answer would be.  gcc folks?

I am not a gcc folk, but there should be a way in specs to turn on
-msoft-float on by default and require -mno-soft-float to undo it?


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