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4.0 vs nested functions

I use nested functions moderately heavily in my code.  Under 1.4T, I
defined them with "static".  Under 3.1, I used "auto".

Under 4.0, there appears to be no way to define them without upsetting
-Wmissing-prototypes, except with a redundant prototype declaration.

To put it another way, I have been unable to find a definition of
NESTED that will make this compile without warnings under 4.0 with

extern void bar(char **, int, int (*)(int, int));

int main(int, char **);
int main(int ac, char **av)
 NESTED int foo(int x, int y)
  { return(x-y);

Given the documentation for -Wmissing-prototypes, this seems like a bug
to me ("Warn if a global function is defined without ..." - such
functions are not global).

But the gcc bug-reporting stuff appears to have been stripped.  The gcc
internal doc under 4.0 /usr/src/gnu/dist mentions a BUGS file and a
bugs.html file, and the webpage it points to mentions a gccbug script;
I find none of those anywhere under /usr/src/gnu/dist.  The webpage
also says this should not be reported direct to the gcc people because
it didn't come direct from the gcc people.

What's my correct action here?  Shound I generate a NetBSD PR?  Should
I send mail to gcc-bugs anyway?

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