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Re: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities warning from /etc/daily

Paul Goyette <> writes:

>> In my system, it is set in /etc/defaults/daily.conf.
>> Perhaps that's out of sync with a full build.
> On my system, it is set to "YES" in /etc/daily.conf
> In /etc/defaults/daily.conf it is set to "", and the comment says to
> set it to "NO" to disable both the fetch and the warning message.

The bug is that in /etc/defaults/daily.conf, the variable is set to "",
which fails the "-z" check in /etc/daily.  So /etc/defaults/daily.conf
should get adjusted to set to YES.

Beyond that, I don't see what it's reasonable for /etc/daily to complain
about the variables value - either it's YES/yes and it checks, or  not
and it prints "skipping check".

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