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Re: BSD Auth

On 19-Aug-08, at 9:07 PM, David Holland wrote:
Nonsense. The application process needs to be able to communicate with
the bsdauth process anyway; there's nothing inherent that prevents
such communication from including Kerberos tickets.

Indeed -- however the action of setting the credentials for the process (i.e. in the process context) is, by necessity, a privileged operation. The naive "one big ball of wax or whatever" solution is to start the process as root, authenticate the user, set the credentials in the process context, then call setuid() to give up superuser privileges and authorize the authenticated user to run.

Whether bsdauth as it currently exists is actually capable of doing
this properly is another question; but it's also not entirely clear
that PAM as it exists can do this properly either.

Not quite -- as I outlined in 2003 I think another system call, or pair of system calls, is the most elegant solution. These would allow a privileged child process to set the credentials of the parent process. I haven't done a formal analysis of this model, though I have done a lot of critical thinking about it, and so far as I can see it can be made secure and robust.

                                        Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.

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