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Re: using git now and committing to real CVS repo?

> Am 08.06.2016 um 22:36 schrieb Jeremy C. Reed <>:
> I am working on a task that involves modifying over 500 source files.
> I have years of experience with git and it will be useful for me to 
> quickly do git diffs etc.
> But when I am done with work, what is procedure to share with others to 
> review (I have some "board" members who will help)? And procedure to 
> commit to the official CVS repo. Do we have this documented?  If we 
> don't have any way (some git-to-cvs gateway?) then I assume I can just 
> create the diff and share it as a patch and then take the patch and 
> apply it to my CVS checkout and commit there.
> I am hoping we have some git-to-cvs mechanism so if I do my work in git 
> I don't have to go back to cvs to check again. What are others doing if 
> they use git for netbsd src?
> I assume is the recommended repo to clone 
> from if using git.

I am using „git cvsexportcommit“ to transfer my git commits to the pkgsrc cvs repository.
The workflow I use is described a bit more in:

What is „missing“ is the review part.
In the past I’ve sent patches via email, shared gists with diffs on irc or opened github pull requests on joyents pkgsrc tree.
This all works ok but I believe there is still room for improvement.

Best regards,

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