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Re: Proposed conversion strategy

On Sun, Jan 04, 2015 at 06:07:00PM +0000, Justin Cormack wrote:
 > It is not really that helpful giving vague reasons against git, like
 > "its far too easy to screw up a git repo",

It's also not that helpful to deny that such a problem exists.

It *is* far too easy to screw up a git repo. When you do, and you take
it to a git boffin for repair, and they manage to figure out what you
did, what they usually tell you is "don't do that" -- which is fine,
except that the only choices for non-experts seem to be (a) become an
expert by discovering these prohibited regions of the git feature
envelope the hard way, or (b) stick to cookbook recipes pre-blessed by
git boffins.

The problem is, (a) requires a significant investment of time and
mental energy which many people would prefer to spend on work rather
than on tooling, and (b) occasionally blows up in your face if you
mistype something and so leaves you constantly afraid you're going to
corrupt everything in sight by accident.

Yes, I'm a git hater (this is not news); one of the reasons is that
git advocates always seem to try to wave this problem away instead of
solve it.

David A. Holland

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