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Re: Proposed conversion strategy

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Reinoud Zandijk <> wrote:
> As for other repo types, i'm curious about Hg but git is not really an option
> IMHO; its far too easy to screw up a git repo. I once thought i had it too
> with fossil i have to admit but it turned out to be fixable and has never
> repeated itself; and i am not that good a power-user of fossil ;)
> Another big NONO for git is its half-baken support for sub-repos. Sure one can
> get links to other repos in a tree but it fails to have a decent recursive
> update and recursive diff .... not very usefull thus.

It is not really that helpful giving vague reasons against git, like
"its far too easy to screw up a git repo", and "half-baken support for
sub-repos". The first has been covered many times in the thread, while
the second is only constructive in terms of a conversation about how
sub-repos are going to be handled in the context of the NetBSD tree.
You may not like it but git is the most serious contender at this
point and half baked dismissals are not helpful, they need to be
substantive, and the alternatives need to be significantly better.


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