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Re: Reply to core statement on version control systems

S.P.Zeidler <>:
> > I cannot answer the questions with certainty for "low-memory" systems,
> > because I don't know how constrained your minimum build platform is.
> Try ARM with 256MB, or M68060 with 64MB.

OK, that's pretty tight.  Are you currently running CVS clients on those?
> > * Collecting full names and email addresses of committers so we can do
> >   name mapping properly.
> This is a non-issue since all committers to the NetBSD src tree had a
> account and mail address while they were/are able to commit,
> and we have a complete mapping of account name to preferred fullname
> in /etc/passwd on the cvs server.

> > In a conversion on a CVS repository this large and this old, the
> > probability that we will trip over some nasty and heretofore unknown
> > repository malformation(s) approaches unity. I'll probably need to do some
> > sort of significant development work on cvs-fast-export, which is the
> > main reason the time estimate is so long.
> The src repo has been quite extensively cleaned while Joerg Sonnenberger
> was getting his conversion working.
> I would be surprised if there were any syntax issues in the cvs repo left.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping you're right.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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