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Re: Reply to core statement on version control systems


starting remark:

as long as you send with an address that is not subscribed, and
change the addresses I whitelist, your mail will get held for moderation.

Thus wrote Eric S. Raymond (

> I cannot answer the questions with certainty for "low-memory" systems,
> because I don't know how constrained your minimum build platform is.

Try ARM with 256MB, or M68060 with 64MB.

> >  * An estimated time-line of the conversion, together with a list
> >    of people responsible for it and their respective tasks.
> > 
> > -- Alan Barrett, on behalf or the NetBSD core group
> My time estimate is approximately two man-months.
> Roles:
> The conversion expert, Mr. Outside, would be me.  I will take responsibility 
> for all technical issues related to the history conversion, as outlined above.
> We will also require a "Mr. Inside". That person should be a member
> of the core team with policy authority over the conversion. Mr. Inside's
> reponsibilities will include

Oh good, I am explicitly excluded from this exercise. I probably don't
exist in the first place.

> * Collecting full names and email addresses of committers so we can do
>   name mapping properly.

This is a non-issue since all committers to the NetBSD src tree had a account and mail address while they were/are able to commit,
and we have a complete mapping of account name to preferred fullname
in /etc/passwd on the cvs server.

> * Writing the part of the plan that deals with post-conversion
>   administrative issues - hosting, access control, redundancy, email hooks,
>   tool bootstrapping, workflow, private branches.

I love how that always is a simple handwaveable side issue in
switch-over plans.

Half the points need admins, since core doesn't have the necessary access.

> In a conversion on a CVS repository this large and this old, the
> probability that we will trip over some nasty and heretofore unknown
> repository malformation(s) approaches unity. I'll probably need to do some
> sort of significant development work on cvs-fast-export, which is the
> main reason the time estimate is so long.

The src repo has been quite extensively cleaned while Joerg Sonnenberger
was getting his conversion working.
I would be surprised if there were any syntax issues in the cvs repo left.


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