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Re: Proposed conversion strategy

On 4 Jan, 2015, at 13:08 , Reinoud Zandijk <> wrote:
> Sub-brances are used in say the riscv repository to point to specific releases
> of the various tools needed. Nice at first glance but impossible to do a `git
> diff' and get the entire tree. We could avoid these by demananding such things
> to be handled as vendor branches (which they really are) but IMHO its silly
> that git explicitly allows such subrepo's but has only minimal support for
> them. If the marker is changed you can't just `git update' it since then it
> goes to the head of that branch and when you have patches in those trees it
> really gets ugly :-/

Is the riscv repository you are talking about this one?


If so I'd like to understand what it is you are calling a "sub-branch",
as I'm not sure what that is.

Dennis Ferguson

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