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Re: git copies of cvs modules available


Thus wrote Silas Silva (

> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 10:59:06PM +0200, Rhialto wrote:
> > Git seems *very* resource-intensive on repositories this size.
> After cloning the NetBSD git repository (which took some hours with a
> not too fast connection), I pulled changes made on it while I was
> cloning. After cloning it, it automatically ran "git gc" that is taking
> hours to complete.
> I asked about that in #git@freenode and people told me that, if this
> command is run on the server, it doesn't need to be run frequently for
> clients that clone it.
> I'm a ordinary git user, so I don't know what exactly must be done.
> Anybody runs this command on the server?

git gc seems to want to pack the entire repository into one monster file,
which strikes me as a rather bad idea. Currently I run a repack with
--max-pack-size=50 occasionally.

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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