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updating build-only trees? was: Re: is the proof in the pudding?

Thus wrote Perry E. Metzger (

> > For small values of 1.5G? That's a very recent -current. 1.5G total is
> > maybe acceptable. 3G probably isn't. We need to know how big a real
> > git tree is.
> 3G seems fine to me. That's so little disk space you can't even
> measure the cost any more. On older machines, you can NFS mount the
> repo if need be, or sshfs mount it, or something similar.

Or not. I, eg, have a Netra and an Amiga in housing. The round trip
times for mounting anything remotely would not add to the general joy.

Of course, these are not development machines, all that is required is
that I have a means of updating a checked-out pkgsrc tree that differs
from 'rm -rf /usr/pkgsrc; ftp pkgsrc.tgz ; tar xf pkgsrc.tgz' in the
direction of 'less resources needed'.

From what has been said about git I assume I could use a really shallow
git repository and be reasonable happy with that. What about other

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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