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Some preliminary cvs2git conversion statistics

Hi folks,

here's some information about a cvs -> git conversion I just did.

I used cvs2git, i.e. cvs2svn configured to play well with
git-fast-import. As I just wanted to have a proof of concept, I
limited the conversion to trunk/HEAD history only.

The conversion was performed on a dual quad-core Xeon 2.66GHz with 8GB
RAM. The file system was NFS-mounted zfs.

I didn't explicitly monitor conversion time, but it was within a
couple of hours.

The resulting checked out git repo had a size of 2.1G, the .git dir
amounting to 1.2G. After doing a git-repack the full repo was about
1.5G and the .git dir was only 545M.

I also did a rough speed comparison for checkout/cloning:

time for git clone:
11.136u 16.673s 11:37.36 3.9%   0+0k 448168+2073904io 783pf+0w

time for cvs co:
27.705u 70.528s 38:35.05 4.2%   0+0k 3936456+3171072io 88913pf+0w

I'll start another run for a full conversion including all tags and
branches soon.


Daniel Sieger
Faculty of Technology
Bielefeld University

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