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Re: preliminary version control requirements

Alan Barrett <> writes:
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
>> > Preserving the old version numbers is important because they're
>> > recorded all over everywhere (PRs, mailing lists, etc.) and losing the
>> > ability to correlate all those reports with the source tree would be a
>> > problem.
>> I think there isn't a single VCS that will do that right now.
> This could be done by any VCS that allows arbitrary metadata to be
> associated with each revision of each file.  For example, subversion has
> "properties", and cvs2svn has an optional mode in which it stashes the
> old CVS revision numbers into properties in the svn output.

That's true, you can stash things in various ways like that. My main
point was that no VCS will allow you to keep the old version numbers
as the version numbers in the new system.

Perry E. Metzger      

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