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Re: preliminary version control requirements


Thus wrote Perry E. Metzger (

> >    - allows checkout without cloning entire history
> I don't necessarily agree with the last bit there. It seems reasonably
> arbitrary. There are systems that work very well but require local
> copies of the repository. In a modern environment, where disk is quite
> cheap, that seems fine to me. (And yes, you can mount a 500GB disk you
> bought for $80 on your Vax over NFS.)

You forget the network load. A factor three may not mean much at the
client end, but it's nothing to be sneezed at at the server end.

> >    - somehow preserves old file version numbers on import for reference
> >    - uses version numbers that are numbers, not hash codes
> I'm not sure that is a critical requirement. Most modern systems don't
> even have individual file version numbers anyway, they have repository
> versions with atomic commits across the repo.

'Is the version that crashes for you before or after I committed my fix'
should be a question that doesn't require extensive research to answer.

> >    - doesn't exhibit any excessively strange semantic excursions
> I don't know what that means.

If people throw up when being presented the user interface it's probably
Not The One :)

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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