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RE: Read/write slow on nvme drive - Supermicro X10DRL-CT

Hi Mike

>Is there a mistake..? You wrote: "on netbsd you get 17881619 b/s speed 
>using sata(=~18mb/sec) and 129372725 b/s using pcie(=~130mb/s) => pcie is 7 
>times faster than sata....

Yes that’s what it seems but The 5 time slower is when I untar a file.. on 
the SSD it take 1min to write 200mb  while on the ssd it take 6 minutes.

When I run dd on raw partition using 1024k blocks.. I get 380mb and 289mb .. 
however using a bootable utility app on the same server I get 3100mb and 504 
mb so the hardware is all good.

dd if=/dev/rdk0 of=/dev/null bs=1024k ->(this is on the pcie)
^C93836+0 records in
93836+0 records out
98394177536 bytes transferred in 258.920 secs (380017679 bytes/sec)

# dd if=/dev/rdk1 of=/dev/null bs=1024k(this is on the ssd)
^C57226+0 records in
57226+0 records out
60005810176 bytes transferred in 207.282 secs (289488764 bytes/sec)

Not sure if I missed anything on netbsd. Im using current build 7.99.35 the 
os detected the disk as ld0 and also setup a gpt partition as dk0

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