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Re: Read/write slow on nvme drive - Supermicro X10DRL-CT

On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 10:52:20AM -0400, Derrick Lobo wrote:
> I have a Supermicro nmve supported hardware X10DRL-CT with a SSD sasa
> drive and an intel nvme pcie drive.. both drives are 2tb and I have used
> gpt with the latest 7.99 daily build from today
> Using netbsd using dd if=/dev/device of=/dev/null bs=16k
> Sata SSD : 33967620096 bytes transferred in 1899.583 sec(17881619
> bytes/sec)
> pcie SSD : 308527169536 bytes transferred in 2384.793 sec(129372725
> bytes/sec)
Is there a mistake..? You wrote: "on netbsd you get 17881619 b/s
speed using sata(=~18mb/sec) and 129372725 b/s using pcie(=~130mb/s) =>
pcie is 7 times faster than sata....
> Using ubuntu live boot disk with diskutility I get
> Sata SSD :  504MB/sec
> pcie SSD : 3100MB/sec
> So im wondering if theres any tweak/config  on netbsd that is needed to
> get higher speed on the pcie .. copying a 200mb files take a minute on the
> sata drive while it takes 6 minutes on the pcie.. so its 5 times slow
Again: as you said, you transfered 33967620096 bytes in 1899.583 sec
using sata ssd
...and 308527169536 bytes  in 2384.793 sec using pcie SSD...,  so from
the above => pcie simply can't be 5 times slower...
> rather than being faster
> Derrick Lobo

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