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Re: 9.0 is getting old...

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>>   I do not expect binary packages built on 9.3 to be troubled
>>   on 9.0.  The theory is that we have binary compatibility.
> OK, I think / hope that's a fair assumption, and will proceed to
> upgrade my 9.x pbulk host to a newer 9.x.  9.2 would probably
> resolve what triggered me to bring this up, but if 9.4 should be
> sufficiently compatible I could aim for that instead.

In theory we have binary compat, but that is theory.  During 7 we didn't
(for a pretty good reason, but still) and releng got much more hard core
for 8.  That said, if 9.2 is good enough, it avoids the risk from 9.2 to
9.4, having taken the 9.0 to 9.2 anwyay.

> pkg_add will of course complain if you run 9.3 and install a
> binary package built on 9.4...

Yes, but that's basically always an issue.

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