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Re: 9.0 is getting old...

On 06/07, Greg Troxel wrote:
>   I see pkgsrc as supporting 9.x, not 9.0

Not saying you're wrong in thinking that pkgsrc should be supporting
and targeting 9.x instead of 9.0, but this seems different from what
I thought was being targeted, so it would be great if that could be
documented somewhere.

>   I do not expect binary packages built on 9.3 to be troubled on 9.0.
>   The theory is that we have binary compatibility.

I don't understand this statement.  Say a new function were added to
a 9.3 userland library that didn't exist in 9.0, and a pkgsrc package
that used that new function were built against a 9.3 userland, then
the resulting pkgsrc binary or library wouldn't work on a 9.0 userland
because the function that was added to 9.3 doesn't exist in 9.0.


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