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Re: gdal 3.9.0, C++17, charconv, gcc7

On 06/07, Greg Troxel wrote:
> USE_CXX_FEATURES: ensure that the chosen compiler supports the standard
> (except when it doesn't, but that's orthogonal)

Hi, Greg!

It doesn't seem quite right to me that pkgsrc allows putting both a
language standard and features in USE_CXX_FEATURES.  For example:

  USE_CXX_FEATURES= c++17 filesystem

If the standard is supposed to have the feature, then listing the
feature seems redundant.  It seems that one of the following would be

1. Allow USE_CXX_FEATURES to contain either one standard or one or more
   features, but not both.

2. Add USE_CXX_STD that can be set to one standard, and allow
   USE_CXX_FEATURES to contain only features, not a standard.  For

     USE_CXX_STD= c++17



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