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gdal 3.9.0, C++17, charconv, gcc7

gdal 3.9.0, now in pkgsrc, is documented by upstream to need c++17.
Except it was hard to find and I didn't notice.  mef@ changed that
(USE_CXX_FEATURES).  So far this is unremarkable.

I find that:

  - c++17 is coded to require gcc7, but gcc says it needs 8.  Our c++17
    code in compiler/ doesn't mention that gcc7 does not really
    support c++17, or that one also needs to set specific features.

  - gdal uses charconv.  That's part of c++17, so that's legit, but 7
    does not have it

  - charconv as a feature is coded to require 8

I realize there are a lot of considerations, but if we document that
c++17 as a CXX_FEATURE should fully support the language, don't we need
to make it 8?

Would that leave charconv as "uses charconv, but in general does not
need c++17"?

Or something eles?

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