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Re: ANNOUNCE: textproc/icu updates are now restricted after 2/15, in quarterly

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> Hi,
> Greg Troxel <> writes:
>> Ryo ONODERA <> writes:
>>> Some dependencies of misc/libreoffice including fonts/harfbuzz-icu require
>>> the similar things.
>>> misc/libreoffice itself requires relatively big patch for ICU 75 and I will
>>> commit the fixes tonight hopefully.
>>> As far as I remember correctly, x11/qt5-qtbase has alloca() problem when
>>> -std=c++NN is specified.
>>> ICU itself may be safe for -std=c++NN, however it may be not safe totally.
>> I realize you aren't the one that updated icu, but this seems like quite
>> a lot of problems.
>> If we can't get things fixed soon, say in the next 7 days, I think need
> Could you please describe what problems should be resolved?
> misc/libreoffice should be built without problem.
> Of course the other packages has similar problems and they should be
> fixed.

It seems that this was an API break that requires accomodations in a
number of packages, and you've just committed changes to libreoffice.
That's great that you fixed this.

What I meant is that there is a general expectation that when an update
is committed, everything that worked before should continue to build and
work.  That means that before this kind of API break lands, the
depending pacakges should be upgraded before, not after, and they of
course should be able to build with either icu.  Their upstreams should
have already issued a release, because icu should have done proper
notice about these API breaks.

I don't know how many other packages are troubled and need adjusting,
but it seems reasonably likely to be "everything that depends on icu".
So we will have to see how much breakage remains.

> The problem between -std=c++NN and -std=gnu++NN is long standing
> problem and it is not related to ICU 75 at all.

OK, but that seems not what is causing the real trouble.

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