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ANNOUNCE: textproc/icu updates are now restricted after 2/15, in quarterly

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> Some dependencies of misc/libreoffice including fonts/harfbuzz-icu require
> the similar things.
> misc/libreoffice itself requires relatively big patch for ICU 75 and I will
> commit the fixes tonight hopefully.
> As far as I remember correctly, x11/qt5-qtbase has alloca() problem when
> -std=c++NN is specified.
> ICU itself may be safe for -std=c++NN, however it may be not safe totally.

I realize you aren't the one that updated icu, but this seems like quite
a lot of problems.

If we can't get things fixed soon, say in the next 7 days, I think need
to need to revert the icu update.  By the general policy in quarterly,
it should not have happened.  I realize that it was not perhaps possible
to tell this without trying to build everything, as the NEWS entry
(pasted in from icu release notes) doesn't explain that depending
packages are going to break.

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