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Re: objection to removal of py-wxWidgets and wxGKT28

On Mon, Jun 26, 2023 at 02:58:29PM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> I am objecting to the removal of py-wxWidgets and wxGTK28.

This proposal was sent on June 6 and there was no feedback.

There is a newer py-wxWidgets available, which I think supports newer
wxGTK, it just needs packaging.
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I propose removing the old gstreamer 0.10 packages from pkgsrc.  Their
last release was in 2012, the same year we added a package for
gstreamer1 and all maintained software switched to that since then.

This would incur removing wxGTK28 and thus py-wxWidgets and thus:
  - audio/tunapie (dead upstream since ~2015)
  - biology/openbabel (or at least its GUI; not sure if it supports wxGTK 3.x)
  - cad/boolean (new release out, not sure if supports wxGTK 3.x)
  - cross/bossa (new version supporting wxGTK30 out)
  - devel/ExmanIDE (can't find an upstream)
  - devel/boa-constructor (dead upstream since 2007)
  - editors/nts (dead upstream since 2011)
  - games/atque (dead upstream since 2012)
  - games/holtz (1.5.0 out, supporting wxGTK30)
  - graphics/extrema (dead upstream since 2010)
  - math/fityk (new release out)
  - misc/usbprog (dead upstream since ~2015)
  - misc/xchm (new version out, supporting wxGTK 3.x)
  - multimedia/libkate's python option (dead upstream? no development since 2011 I think)
  - net/gitso (dead upstream)
  - time/wxRemind (dead upstream since 2009)

If you're interested in any of these, please update them to a version
supporting wxGTK 3.x.

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