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Re: *: remove py-wxWidgets users

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
> Committed By:	Thomas Klausner <>
> Pushed By:	wiz
> Date:		Mon Jun 26 14:00:18 2023 +0200
> Changeset:	8cb8dfafdaa1b8b41fc5c60b9b0da240504f4e6d
> Removed Files:
> 	chirp/DESCR
> 	chirp/Makefile
> 	chirp/PLIST
> 	chirp/TODO
> 	chirp/distinfo
> 	chirp/patches/

As maintainer I object; please revert.  I realize that it without
wxWidgets may be an issue and need work, perhaps talkig with upstream,
but it's not ok to nuke it.

In general this removal is seeming over the reasonable line.  The normal
standards compare maintenance pain to user benefit.  This feels like a
recursive removal of a lot of stuff because of a desire to remove a
small number of unmainttained packages, rather than assessing removals
on their merits.

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