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Re: new package: devel/acl

Alexander Schreiber <> writes:

>> I think this might be a package that provides the POSIX interfaces, so
>> that programs written to POSIX will work on Linux.  That implies that
>> GNU/Linux systems tend to have a non-standard ACL interface,
> TTBOMK it provides the POSIX ACL interfaces for Linux, which on other
> platforms, e.g. NetBSD, are provided by system libraries. For instance
> glusterfs, having a hard requirement for POSIX ACLs, builds just fine
> using those on NetBSD and only needs the acl package on Linux.

Good that we all get it now :-)

I would have thought Linux systems with acls would simply have the
commands and headers as part of the base install, but obviously I thouht

>> If that's true, then this is
>>   Implement POSIX ACLs using Linux's not-really-POSIX ACL implementation
>> and it can be ONLY_FOR.
> It is ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM because specifically because this package:
>  - only builds on Linux to begin with due to being written only for
>    Linux
>  - TTBOMK it is only needed on Linux for POSIX ACL handling code,
>    e.g. glusterfs (for which it is a hard build dependency on Linux,
>    which is why I added it to pkgsrc in the first place)

Point 1 is not enough.  If someone writes a program only for Linux and
it *should have been portable*, then that's BROKEN_ON for the rest,
logically.  Point 2 is what matters; this program exists to fix a
problem that only exists on Linux.

I have munged COMMENT/DESCR and the ONLY_FOR comment based on this

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