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Re: New conflict between pine and alpine

Benny's reply pretty much summarizes my intention behind the decision of
including pico, pilot and rpdump/rpload in the latest alpine update,
similarly to other distributions.

These programs have been always been included in alpine, but never
installed due to a decision made by @abs 15 years ago. By that time,
alpine had just been released, and (I presume) it made sense to rely on
the stable pine to provide the aforementioned binaries. 

To reply to @bsiegert mail/pine and mail/alpine never conflicted because
the latter only installed the alpine binary and the relative man page. 

Now, considering alpine is actively maintained while pine is not, and
that useful changes and fixes have been applied to pico and pilot in the
meantime (see logs at, it looks
reasonable to me to switch to alpine's version. 

My original idea was to keep both the packages in repo for a while and
have people test alpine's pico/pilot; then, providing nobody complained,
I planned on superseding pine with alpine and use the latter to provide
pico/pilot as a separate package. However, whether to split or not the
package was going to be a matter of debate.

Yet, if there's any reason for keeping both of for preferring pico as
base for for pico/pilot, I'll be happy to revert the change.


On 23/03/02 05:08PM, John Klos wrote:
> I've had both pine and alpine on my machines for ages because some people
> prefer one over the other.

What are some  reasons for preferring pine over alpine?  

> Then there's rpdump:
> pkg_add: Conflicting PLIST with pine-4.64nb15: bin/rpdump

Curiously, I update the DESCR and added a CONFLICT entry for pine too no 
more than a couple of hours ago ;)
> Now I'm curious how previous versions of alpine didn't need these:

It doesn't even now, but as I said above, these programs were always
compiled together with the package but never installed; they're part of
a mail application suite which optionally comprises also the equivalent
imapd/popd servers provided by imap-uw.

> Should I just assume they can no longer be installed at the same time?

Not at all, as I said, I meant to bring up the topic either way.  
Hope this clarifies the issue.



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