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Re: pkg_install: move pkgdb under ${PREFIX}

> I don't see why /var is logical.
I guess it's the "db" part in "pkgdb" that causes that connection to be made 
by people's brains (including mine).

> Changes to pkgdb essentially always go hand in hand with changes to
> /usr/pkg, for updates to the metadata and data of packages when the
> set of installed packages changes (except for rare operations like
> pkg_admin set automatic=yes).
It's exactly that argument that convinced me of PREFIX when I thought about it 
and it's exactly pkg_admin set automatic that raised slight doubts about it.

> Unlike the contrast between /usr and /var, it doesn't make much sense
> to keep one read/write while the other is read-only -- if you're not
> installing or removing packages there's no need to write to either
> /usr/pkg or to pkgdb.

> It's metadata for the directory tree, like .git or .cvsignore or
> .dir-locals.el -- seems reasonable to me to use `.' for that.
I may also be more pleasing to have /usr/pkg look similar to /usr/local.

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