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Re: pkg_install: move pkgdb under ${PREFIX}

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> At the last pkgsrcCon (in 2019), pkgsrc-pmc decided to move the pkgdb
> from its current default location (/var/db/pkg) to a location under
> ${PREFIX}.

Presumably you mean "in NetBSD, which is not bootstrapped".

> Following prior art (jperkin's bulk build packages), I've used
> ${PREFIX}/.pkgdb. Shortly after I made my patch, jmmv made a good
> point about ${PREFIX}/libdata/pkgdb[1] in which he also made some good
> arguments about the location under ${PREFIX}.

One precedent is $prefix/pkgdb, in bootstrap.
Another is $prefix/.pkgdb.

I realize this is bikeshed territory, but:

  I don't like libdata, because libdata should be things that are part
  of packages and basically not changed (written at install of the
  package that installs some files, and not changed otherwise).  This is
  a database, not data for use by libraries.  Logically pkgdb belongs in
  /var/db, per hier(7), and the problem with that location is that it is
  logically connected to /usr/pkg, but not in it, which leads to
  trouble.  And it is inconsistent in netbsd vs bootstrapped pkgsrc.

  Therefore, it seems obvious that /usr/pkg/var/db/pkg or maybe
  /usr/pkg/var/pkgdb is appropriate.  There is already use of

  I don't mind /usr/pkg/pkgdb, as this is putting it at top level but
  it's also true that this is /usr/pkg metadata, not a database used by

  I don't like hiding it with ., as .pkgdb.  I think that's admitting
  that it doesn't belong in /usr/pkg but that we put it there anyway.
  (If it does belong, just call it pkgdb.  It's not like "ls -l
  /usr/pkg" is often run, and that there is any value in hiding it.
  Arguably, hiding it will confuse people more than it helps.)

Overall, between my thoughts, precedent and other suggestions, I arrive
at /usr/pkg/pkgdb.

> For migration, I've made the pkgsrc infrastructure and pkg_install
> stop in the revelant places to let the admin know that they should
> move the directory to the new location (including the actual command
> to execute: "mv /var/db/pkg ${PREFIX}/.pkgdb") to make it clear and
> easy to fix.

The patch does not change bootstrap; it seems obvious that pbulk
defaults, bootstrap defaults, pkg_install defaults, netbsd base
defaults, all have to match.

The patch does not change the pkgsrc guide to explain this :-)

And how does this work with base system pkg_add?  Are you intending to
request pullups?  How does that work with people who move to the branch
with this change before or after updating along netbsd-8 or netbsd-9?

I think we need a plan for the entire migration before this can go in.

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