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Re: WIP commit: Upgrade to Mailman 2.1.34

On Wed 26 Aug 2020 at 21:58:56 +0200, Jesus Cea wrote:
> That said, I must say that I am afraid I don't get the point of doing
> pkgsrc packages of Python packages that can be easily installed via
> regular "pip" (the python package index/installer). I am open/eager to
> be convinced :-).

With pip, I've often gotten stuck with updating dependencies, which then
are suddenly the wrong ones for *other* pip-packages that depend on
them. But pip isn't really tracking that sort of thing, as far as I can
tell. Pkgsrc is better at that.

On my Mac at $WORK, pip stores its files in the same place where
macports puts them. Now that is a disaster, because you basically have
to remember what you installed with pip and what with macports, at the
time when you're updating stuff. And installing stuff with one package
manager may want to install/update and overwrite dependencies that the
other one installed, which is even worse. Pkgsrc is better at that, too.

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