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Re: WIP commit: Upgrade to Mailman 2.1.34

On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 09:58:56PM +0200, Jesus Cea wrote:
> That said, I must say that I am afraid I don't get the point of doing
> pkgsrc packages of Python packages that can be easily installed via
> regular "pip" (the python package index/installer). I am open/eager to
> be convinced :-).

Having one system to manage all your packages? :)

> PS: I see a "mailman3" directory in WIP. What is missing to become a
> regular pkgsrc package?

I don't know the state of that. It has a TODO:

--- begin ---
This is the core mailman3 package. Should be complemented by:
- MailmanClient (an API client lib)
- Postorius (web interface)
- HyperKitty (archive interface)

Sadly latest stable Django is typically not supported, which complicates laying down dependencies.
--- end ---

Perhaps you can try it out and get back to us if it's usable? Then I
can import it.

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