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Re: pkg_rolling-replace can't handle python

Does anyone have a clue about how pkg_rolling-replace can be fixed to
handle python packages of different versions?

It's not just python.  It's pretty much anything which has package names
of fooNN-bar with a PKGPATH of cat/foo-bar.

Basically pkg_rr runs pkg_chk -uq, and that (I think) reports PKGPATHs.
The fix is to report installed package names and then for pkg_rr to
 1) extract PKGPATH
 2) look at the multiversion variables and extract out to set
 3) extend this for all things that have multiple versions

I just haven't done this, for no good reason.

Time? ;)

I know I have lots to catch up on, particularly since travel only happens by car right now because I'm in the worst country in the world to be in for this pandemic.

Happy to test. Not sure how much I can help to actually do this.

This problem manifests when, if your default python is 37, a python
module is installed that is 27, 36, 38, or anything not 37.

mailman still requires python27, else I think I'd be 100% on python37.


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