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Re: pkg_rolling-replace can't handle python

John Klos <> writes:

> Does anyone have a clue about how pkg_rolling-replace can be fixed to
> handle python packages of different versions?

It's not just python.  It's pretty much anything which has package names
of fooNN-bar with a PKGPATH of cat/foo-bar.

Basically pkg_rr runs pkg_chk -uq, and that (I think) reports PKGPATHs.
The fix is to report installed package names and then for pkg_rr to
  1) extract PKGPATH
  2) look at the multiversion variables and extract out to set
  3) extend this for all things that have multiple versions

I just haven't done this, for no good reason.

This problem manifests when, if your default python is 37, a python
module is installed that is 27, 36, 38, or anything not 37.

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