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Re: Do not make mksh the default shell on macOS

> What makes you think that SIP was the only reason to go with mksh?

The committer has clearly stated that the DYLD_* issue is the only
reason for this change in the GitHub thread.  This has also been
answered in points 9 and 10.

> And more importantly: Why do you want this commit reverted in the
> first place?

I have already answered this question in the original e-mail.

> mksh is a *much* better bootstrap shell than pdksh, so independently
> of whether it solves SIP or not, why not use it?

I have also answered this in the GitHub thread and point 10.  mksh
does not replace pdksh, but the macOS system shells.

As all of your questions have already been answered, I am forced
to assume that you have not read the original e-mail, nor the GitHub

> The committer stopped interacting with you because you got
> increasingly rude and aggressive.

It does not seem that you have read the GitHub thread, so I'm not
sure how you came to that conclusion.

> Jonathan is one of the most friendly and reasonable members of this
> community. You come along and criticize without offering anything in
> return.

I do not see how these sentences are related to each other, unless
you are implying that the committer was the object of my criticism,
and not the commit itself.  This is clearly false.  I also don't
see how my criticism of the commit is illegitimate.

> In addition, you seem to believe that you can use this particular
> thread as a way of "telling on" Jonathan, the way an elementary
> schooler tells on a classmate in front of the teacher. That's not
> how this works.

This is absurd.  You seem to be implying that I am criticising the
committer and not the commit.  Pretending that the original e-mail
is a veiled attack on the committer only serves to stifle discussion.

Demetrius Iatrakis

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