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Re: Do not make mksh the default shell on macOS


I would like to reply to some of the initial assertions you made:

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 2:01 AM Demetrius Iatrakis
<> wrote:
> I would like to bring revision 1.286 to bootstrap/bootstrap (Enable
> mksh by default on macOS 10.11+) to the community's attention, as
> the reason for this change is invalid.

What makes you think that SIP was the only reason to go with mksh? And
more importantly: Why do you want this commit reverted in the first
place? mksh is a *much* better bootstrap shell than pdksh, so
independently of whether it solves SIP or not, why not use it?

> The committer claims to
> have addressed my concerns, and is currently not responding.  I
> asked for a second opinion on IRC and received it, but my response
> to it has not been acknowledged. See

The committer stopped interacting with you because you got
increasingly rude and aggressive.

Jonathan is one of the most friendly and reasonable members of this
community. You come along and criticize without offering anything in

In addition, you seem to believe that you can use this particular
thread as a way of "telling on" Jonathan, the way an elementary
schooler tells on a classmate in front of the teacher. That's not how
this works.


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