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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme

nia <> writes:

> On Sun, Feb 09, 2020 at 03:50:59PM +0100, wrote:
>> At run time, there are no dependencies. At build time, only
>> gnome-icon-theme-symbolic is problematic, as it requires rsvg to
>> render them to various sizes. Unfortunately, rsvg had the
>> "brilliant" idea to port to Rust and in the process break many, many
>> architectures and OSes, so at least the gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
>> one is extremely problematic (even on amd64, IMHO, as rust for
>> NetBSD only builds single-threaded and takes insanely long). The
>> other ones don't have such problems.
> Adwaita is supposed to depend on rsvg, but in pkgsrc it's hacked around,
> falling back to the "legacy" icon set in Adwaita. I'm not sure if this
> will work forever.

Well, it seems we really can't have moderate-size things depending on
rsvg/rust, so it does have a rock/hard-place feel to it.

> The problem is not so much that Adwaita in particular is missing, it's
> that no icon theme at all is installed, right? Perhaps gtk3 should just
> tell users to install an icon theme in MESSAGE... 

I don't think using MESSAGE is reasonable (but I basically think it
never is).  If something is necessary it should be a dependency.

So are you saying that if some foo-icon-theme package is installed, then
most of the gtk3-using packages will work ok?

If so, is adwaita the standard approach, and we should have gtk3+ depend
on it?

If we do that, have we mostly solved the problem?  What is the residual

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