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Re: Adding kerTeX; but needs avoiding configure etc.

People have (entirely reasonable) opinions about the pkgsrc way
(everything unfied under one set of tools, rather than N things that
each have their own packaging systems), but we don't have a rule against
adding packages for things that behave like kerTex does, assuming it
manages its own flavor of packages someplace in the fs hierarchy that
doesn't conflict with how pkgsrc works.

That really amounts to all the files not controlled by pkgsrc being in
some small number of directories that are owned/named somehow by the
kerTeX package.  Putting extra things in /usr/pkg/bin wouldn't be ok,
but putting them under /usr/pkg/lib/kerTeX/ would be ok.  Does that seem

You also hinted at creating pkgsrc binary packages and registration for
these not-really-packges.  That is likely to be at best controversial.

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