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Re: abell-94 license

Frédéric Fauberteau writes:
> FYI, I done that because Fedora Project treats this license as Free and 
> GPL compatible as mentioned here: 

I think that it is also a DFSG license (at least the lsof package
in Debian seems in `main' and there the license is called `Purdue').

IMHO it is in line with the free software principles
(seems similar to zlib but more strict about crediting)
and probably safe to add to DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES.

Little suggested further changes that we can do if it can stay as

 - Move `abell-94' in pkgsrc/mk/ on its own separate line -
   similar to `info-zip', `vera-ttf-license' and `happy' - with a link
   to (or any other possible interesting references)
 - Add `abell-94' to *default_acceptable_licenses in
 - (Not strictly related!) Add `LICENSE= abell-94' to
   devel/librxspencer :)

Thank you Frédéric for spotting that this license was used in lsof
and for adding and discussing that!

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