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Re: opal update

On Mon 19 Nov 2018 at 21:38:35 -0800, John Nemeth wrote:
> On Nov 19, 10:08pm, Rhialto wrote:
> } My suspicion from your messages is that they might be fixed (at least
> } partially) with some options to force an older C++ dialect. auto_ptr is
>      Any suggestions on what the options might be, or how to force
> it in pkgsrc?

The USE_LANGUAGES += c++ line can specify a few language versions. I
suspect that my compiler defaults to c++ 2003, at least then I got the
same error messages as I showed. With c++ 2011 I got more messages
involving auto_ptr<>.


#       Declares the languages used in the source code of the package.
#       This is used to determine the correct compilers to make
#       visible to the build environment, installing them if
#       necessary.  Flags such as --std=c++99 are also added.
#       Valid values are: c, c99, c++, c++03, gnu++03, c++0x, gnu++0x,
#       c++11, gnu++11, c++14, gnu++14, fortran, fortran77, java, objc,
#       obj-c++, and ada.  The default is "c".
#       The above is partly aspirational.  As an example c++11 does
#       not force a new enough version of gcc.

>     I have updated the dependencies as well.  I'll commit when I
> have everything working.

Or maybe it needs older versions? The bulk of my errors were about some
undefined method or other. But at least that should be fairly easy to
find, compared to those excessively long template errors.

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